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Season 1 Now Showing on AMC


Lucky Hank is a mid-life crisis tale set at Railton College, told in the first person by William Henry "Hank" Devereaux, Jr. (Bob Odenkirk), the unlikely chairman of the English department in a badly underfunded college in a working-class American town. Hank's discontent is rooted in unresolved issues with his father, a mediocre and entitled student body, and in the fact that his department is more savagely divided than the Balkans. Mireille Enos stars as Lily Devereaux, the emotionally grounded, unflappable wife of Hank and the Vice Principal of the local high school in rural Pennsylvania where they live. As Hank's life starts to unravel, Lily begins to question the path she’s on and the choices she's made.


  1. Pilot 
  2. George Saunders
  3. Escape
  4. The Goose Boxer
  5. The Clock
  6. The Arrival
  7. The Count of Monte Cristo
  8. The Chopping Block

Cast and Crew

Bob Odenkirk
Mireille Enos
Cedric Yarbrough
Diedrich Bader
Olivia Scott Welch


Produced By

Emma Barrie
David Magee
Shawn Williamson